Chiropractic, larynx and lyrical singing

I learned about chiropractic through my grandson Juan. He told me that he had met her through a friend and that he had done great. As I was experiencing many health problems – with upper mucus, sore throat and swollen larynx, slow digestion, constipation, and watery eyes – I decided to try and start chiropractic care.

The truth is that I was feeling pretty bad and I had tried many remedies without any of them providing me with a definitive solution. I went to the ENT doctor, and then to the homeopath, who gave me slight relief, but only momentarily, because after a while the pain reappeared.

Singing in a lyrical choir is my hobby

Furthermore, I sang in a choir, and I noticed that health problems greatly affected my voice and the practice of lyrical singing. So I went to the center urgently looking for a solution. I made an appointment, they took x-rays and estimated the appropriate care for my problems.
Since then my voice has improved a lot. I breathe better, I feel more vital, the chiropractic helped me sing better and I notice a certain relief in the intestine (although I haven’t stopped eating kiwi daily).

Now, I recommend chiropractic to many people, and my wife has joined as well. I will be eternally grateful to my grandchildren.
If you want to solve your health problems, you know, visit a chiropractor!

Mikel A. 74 years old


A health problem  is anything that requires, or may require, action on the part of the health agent. 1
​The  patient  states his or her  reason for consultation , but it is the  doctor  who determines if there is a health problem and diagnoses it. Health problems should be recorded with the highest level of specificity possible at the time of the doctor-patient encounter. The health problems addressed can be coded as:  diagnosessigns  or  symptoms , fear of  illness , disability ( physical  or  mental ) or  care needs . 2 *


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