My death was around the corner

Mi muerte estaba a la vuelta de la esquina
Tengo 37 años y hace 9 años me detectaron el virus del VIH. Entonces decidí aceptar que mi muerte estaba a la vuelta de la…

I am 37 years old and 9 years ago I was detected with the HIV virus. So I decided to accept that my death was around the corner.
But life was giving me surprises. At first I didn’t want to take any medication, but little by little and thanks to the help of my current partner and my friends, I started retroviral treatment which kept me with the HIV virus practically undetectable for almost 2 years. Later changes began and the drug combination was no longer effective. At that time my T4 cell count was 385 copies.
With the entry into my body of a new drug for HIV, I went from that number of T4 cells to 1000, but after a few months they began to decrease again. So I decided, advised by some friends, to start chiropractic
treatment . Since then, and for 6 months now, my cells remain above 1000 copies and my quality of life has improved greatly. Therefore, I have nothing but reasons to be grateful for chiropractic and for the fantastic team that has treated me, and has made my life an easier path.
Francisco .

The article was published in the book Más Años en su Vida y Más Vida en sus Años .

In some cases the wording has been changed a little to adjust it to the uses of Spanish.

All the stories published here are real, although the image is not that of the protagonist, it is from the archive.  Likewise, personal data is reflected exactly as it was published. 

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the virus that causes AIDS. When a person is infected with HIV, the virus attacks and weakens the immune system. As the immune system weakens, a person is at risk for infections and cancers that can be fatal. When this happens, the disease is called AIDS. Once a person has the virus, it remains inside the body for life.

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