El dolor de cabeza no me dejaba vivir

For several months, I suffered from chronic headaches . Almost every day, I woke up with moderate pain in my temples and behind my eyes. Once or twice a week, the pain intensified and the headache turned into a migraine.

The headache

I began temporarily relieving the pain with migraine medication. It took effect immediately, but the next day, the pain returned. Advil, Tylenol and company were not effective at all. I met a family doctor, who prescribed me a medication that I had to take every night to prevent chronic pain. I saw him two more times, and he doubled my dose, since I was in just as much pain as I was at the beginning. I had to see him again to increase the dose again. And it was at this point, when I came across the chiropractic clinic. After the initial evaluation, I was told that many people suffer from headaches due to poor posture: working at the computer, moving towards the screen, bending their neck to read documents. I was impressed, he had perfectly described my way of working.

Chiropractic saved me

I did the full evaluation since I had nothing to lose (I was still skeptical about chiropractic care). The x-rays showed that my neck was too far forward. This causes intense tension in the neck muscles, which have to work hard to keep the head in this position. What a relief to finally understand the causes of my pain! It wasn’t just about treating the symptoms, but finding the source of the pain and fixing the problem at its core. Since the first chiropractic treatments, the headache disappeared. I also noticed a decrease in muscle tension in my neck and upper back. I could work all day sitting in my chair with my back straight, something I couldn’t do before. Now I continue to do maintenance exercises every day because my recovery is not over yet, even though the symptoms have disappeared. My goal now is to stay healthy by acting on pain prevention. Thank you!

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