El ajuste quiropráctico mejoró mi diabetes

My name is M. and I am 64 years old. I am a Sintrom patient and I have diabetes . This is my business card when a doctor visits me for the first time. And yet, on two occasions they did not take it into account and it went quite badly for me.
I have had a very bothersome “carpal tunnel” for many years. To such an extent that they assured me that the only possible solution was a surgical intervention. But the cardiologist who treats my mitral valve does not want, nor did he want to hear about any surgical intervention, even though the pain was so intense that I couldn’t even hold my shirt sleeves.
Luckily, one day a good friend gave me the business card of her chiropractor , and I went there. Since I started chiropractic care I am a different person; The pain has not completely gone away, but I hardly notice it anymore, it is very attenuated and I think that in the end it will disappear, of course, thanks to the hands of the chiropractor .

Diabetes improves

Also, my diabetes has improved. My blood sugar level is dropping a lot, and I no longer have cholesterol or triglycerides. And as they say in my house, I woke up!! I no longer have the lapses of memory and attention in the small things of every day, which had worried my family…
I am very happy, and now I am going to continue with maintenance chiropractic care . I recommend it to everybody. Have confidence in the chiropractor , I tell them.

* Diabetes mellitus  ( DM ) is a group of  metabolic disorders , whose main common characteristic is the presence of   persistently or chronically  high concentrations of glucose in the blood, due to either a defect in insulin production , resistance to its action to use glucose, to an increase in glucose production or to a combination of these causes. It is also accompanied by abnormalities in the metabolism of  lipidsproteinsmineral salts  and  electrolytes .

The article was published in the book Más Años en su Vida y Más Vida en sus Años .

In some cases the wording has been changed a little to adjust it to the uses of Spanish.

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