Mi columna vertebral dejó de dolerme con el cuidado quiropráctico

columna vertebral
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My name is Bernardo, and I am 82 years old. He had great pain in his spine¹ until I started chiropractic care. He had a vague idea of ​​what chiropractic was about, and when I happened to pass by the center, I saw it, I didn’t hesitate and went in so they could inform me.

My situation before chiropractic

For a long time I had discomfort in my legs and spine . She frequently had low back pain that she used to treat with anti-inflammatories. In order to drive, I ended up putting on a restraint belt, because if I didn’t, I would end up with severe pain in my spine and legs. Another of my problems was headache and neck pain, which I couldn’t get rid of with any painkiller.

With chiropractic my spine stopped hurting

Within 2 months of starting to come to the Chiropractic Center, I started to feel better. The pain in the spine and legs ceased. Now I walk without discomfort. And the neck pain has also subsided, and I have considerably reduced my medication consumption. But the best thing about my entire process has been the vitality that I have recovered!!

Now my wife is also going

I told my wife about chiropractic and she decided to accompany me, since she also had tremendous problems with her legs. Today she has surpassed them, and our communication has improved greatly. Now we go everywhere together like when we were dating.
I never miss an opportunity to recommend chiropractic care to all my family and friends. I am very grateful to you for all the good received from that center in the form of health.
Bernardo OB

The article was published in the book Más años en su vida, Más vida en sus años .
In some cases the wording has been changed a little to adjust it to the uses of Spanish.
All the stories published here are real, although the image is not that of the protagonist, it is from the archive. Likewise, personal data is reflected exactly as it was published.

The spine is an essential element for the central nervous system, so it is important to inform yourself in the case of pain in any area of ​​the back. Ref. www.noledeslaespalda.es

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