La quiropráctica obró un milagro en mi tumor hipofisiario

My name is Mª José, and I am 45 years old. She was desperate. My head hurt, I had general discomfort, tiredness, pain all over…

My name is Mª José, and I am 45 years old. She was desperate. My head hurt, I had general discomfort, tiredness, pain all over my body, and I didn’t feel like doing anything… my quality of life was decreasing by the minute. And it was then, in 1993, when I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor.
My pilgrimage began through all the medical consultations and they gave me many pills, which only managed to relieve the pain temporarily. This continuous intake of medications did not convince me and I began to think that I had to find an alternative.
One day while reading the newspaper, I came across a story about a chiropractic consultation. I had never heard of it, and I started to educate myself. When I discovered that they could help me, without the use of medications, it was decisive for me to take the step.
I called the center and arranged an initial visit, after which I booked a chiropractic care treatment . I have always thought that the entire journey I took from doctor to doctor to improve my health and alleviate the symptoms of my pituitary tumor was just the preparatory path to finding chiropractic. Now I know that this is my path and I don’t plan to leave it.
I can only tell you that my life has changed in such a way that I am now able to enjoy the simple activities of every day; like taking a walk, reading a book, going out for a drink with friends, swimming, making food… Little things that, due to my physical and mental state, had become torment, are now the source of my greatest joys.

Surprising results on my pituitary tumor

After two years of chiropractic care , I went to have the corresponding tests done, and the results were surprising, both for me and for the doctors who treated me since the diagnosis of the pituitary tumor: the figures in the prolactin level, for the first time In all these years, they had reached normal values.
The thyroid had also been regularized without medication. It was really exciting and very hopeful news, I felt happy.
Even today, I continue to discover new benefits of chiropractic and I am very happy. Chiropractic has truly restored my body to its health potential.

The article was published in the book More years in his life, and more life in his years .

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